Life Stages

Learn more about an individual's life cycle below.

Life Stages

Birth Table
Birth & Education YearsEarning YearsRetirement Years
22 Years 43 Years 20+ Years
Learner Table

Learner (Childhood/Going to School Stage)

Financial Products
  • The goal is to achieve and protect funding for a child's education and to insure that they enter a career path with limited debt for education. Life insurance on parents can ensure the funding of education in their absence.
  • Financing Education can leave a young adult in a large hole from which they must climb throughout their earning years.
Earner Table

Earner (Out of School & New in the Workplace Stage)

Financial Products
  • Young, healthy, carefree. Easy access to money.
  • "Its not what you make that counts, it's what you keep".
  • There is a need for savings plans for emergency funds, for autos and eventually for a home.
  • Need to protect the new found status and earning capacity. (Disability Insurance)
  • Manage outstanding loans, credit cards, and other debts.
  • Starting savings plans or life insurance funding early in life builds very significant benefits of compound interest.
Partner Table

Partner (Young Married Stage)

Financial Products
  • Need for life insurance and disability insurance on wage earner(s).
  • Need emergency funds in savings.
  • Begin saving for children's educations.
Parent Table

Parent (Married with Young Children Stage)

Financial Products
  • Growing cash demands for rents, school fees, & vacations.
  • Dependents are growing.
  • If in private business, risk and growth comes from investing in own business. Local banks are the best source for small business loans.
  • Home buying is priority. Thayer County Bank offers competitive home loan products.
  • Investing in children's savings (Savings Accounts; IRA's, Time CDs or other non-bank investments such as life insurance, college savings plans, or stocks and bonds).
  • Need to continue building retirement funds
Provider Table

Provider (Married with Older Children Stage)

Financial Products
  • Moving from employee to entrepreneur.
  • Making commitments, acquiring assets, incurring debts to fulfill dreams.
  • Higher education of children approaching.
  • Saving for Children's weddings, expenses leaving home.
Empty-Nester Table

Empty-Nester (Post-Family / Pre-Retirement Stage)

Financial Products
  • Retirement countdown begins.
  • Needs are to insure health care and ensure additional income during retirement.
  • Children are independent, home loans are repaid and other loans eliminated with investments reaching their peak.
  • Divert surpluses to build retirement while reducing investment risk.
  • Save as much as possible during these years.
Retirement Table

Retirement (Enjoyer Stage)

Financial Products
  • Security and comfort are top priority.
  • Some look forward to retirement and some dread retirement.
  • Obstacles that prevent people from planning for their retirement are:
    • Lack of self discipline to save sufficiently during earning years.
    • Investment and reinvestment is a formidable challenge to most.
    • Few people possess expertise to provide constant liquidity that outlasts one's life.
  • Health expenses replace work-related expenses.
  • Creating cash flows and beating inflation are top priority.
  • Create adequate cash flow from safe investments and investing in instruments that beat inflation are required to prevent an erosion of retirement capital.


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